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Take Action: Don’t let Congress bite the hands that feed us!

Do you like knowing where your food comes from? Do you feel a sense of pride and fulfillment when you see “Grown in Montana” and “Made in Montana” labels? Well, you can kiss them goodbye with HR 4879. Local food programs have brought millions of dollars back to local economies nationwide and Montana food entrepreneurship continues to […]



For conservationists, vetoes took sting out of dim session – Last Best News, June 1, 2017

By Ed Kemmick Last Best News June 1, 2017 A legislative scorecard released this week by one of the state’s major conservation groups paints a stark picture of the partisan divide in Helena. The Northern Plains Resource Council, based in Billings, tallied votes on seven pieces of legislation considered important by its members. With the state House and […]

Legislative Scorecard: Northern Plains rates Montana lawmakers on key issues – May 31, 2017

Northern Plains Resource Council, a conservation and family agriculture group based in Montana, has released its Legislative Scorecard. The publication rates legislators on key issues important to Northern Plains members, such as protecting our family agriculture, clean water, and access to clean energy. “In the 2017 Montana Legislature, members of Northern Plains Resource Council came […]

Legislative Scorecard: Knudsen fried our bacon, Governor saved it

The 65th Montana Legislature is in the books and we all survived. The tragic comedy that is the Montana Legislature was filled with highs, lows, embarrassments, and downright awkward moments. Once again, Northern Plains and our members worked tirelessly to defeat the detrimental and irrational policies that were brought forward by a segment of our […]

Saving seed: Seed Bill reaches Montana governor’s desk – The Prairie Star, April 10, 2017

By Sarah Brown HELENA, Mont. – A bill that would prohibit Montana cities and counties from regulating seeds passed the House, and in early April, was sitting on Montana Gov. Steve Bullock’s desk. Senate Bill 155, commonly known as the “Seed Bill,” would disallow local governments from regulating the “cultivation, harvesting, production, processing, registration, labeling, […]

Letter: Urge legislators to support PACE – Missoulian, April 9, 2017

It’s not often that we see bills in the legislature that help homeowners and businesses, generate jobs, and support our economy but cost nothing to the taxpayer. But Senate Bill 330 does just that, allowing property owners to invest in clean energy. Known as Property Assessment Clean Energy (PACE), this bill will boost investment in […]


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Letter: Protect taxpayers from speculators – Billings Gazette, April 9, 2017

The Legislature is struggling to come up with a state budget, some saying that revenues are not there to fund many government responsibilities. This means that programs to support children, the elderly, the sick, our public libraries, our schools and many other services that Montanans rely on could be cut. But, at the same time, […]


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Letter: Leases should lapse if there’s no mining – Billings Gazette, April 8, 2017

The legislature and Gov. Bullock need to reject Senate Bill 235. It’s bad public policy and encourages economic speculation at the expense of Montana landowners. The bill could indefinitely extend leases for taxpayer-owned minerals to coal companies who haven’t broken ground for a decade. If you aren’t mining, you shouldn’t be tying up resources on […]


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