Clean Renewable Energy

At Northern Plains we believe we can create a clean energy future in Montana that works for all of us. We want our communities to transition to clean energy sources and we want to do it now to protect the places and people we love.

Our History Tells Us…

Northern Plains has always been focused on solutions. From the early years, clean, renewable energy has been one such solution to protect our communities. Watch to learn what “Our History Tells Us” about creating a clean energy future, and how this legacy continues today:

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Making Clean Energy Affordable for all Montanans

We all know that renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades save Montanans more money over the long-term than they cost. But affording the cost of these upgrades is still out of reach for many Montanans.

At Northern Plains, we’re finding innovative solutions to overcome this barrier so that clean energy can be affordable and accessible to everyone.

Learn more about C-PACE Financing.

Learn more about PAYS (Pay As You Save) and On-Bill Financing.

Energy Democracy

Our fossil fuel driven energy system has had debilitating effects on our ability to participate in the energy choices that affect our lives. Monopoly utilities have benefitted from a centralized energy system that produces profits and concentrates power with a handful of people. This concentration of power distorts the decisions being made about our energy future.

At Northern Plains, we’re working with energy customers all across the state to take back control over the energy decisions that impact our lives, whether you get your power from a rural electric cooperative, NorthWestern Energy, or Montana Dakota Utilities.

Learn more about our efforts to advocate for fairness and transparency from the Montana Public Service Commission.

Learn more about our campaign to reform rural electric cooperatives, including Tongue River Electric Co-Op.


Solarizing Montana!

All across Montana, Northern Plains members are powering their homes, office buildings, and agricultural operations with energy from the sun!

Watch our Homegrown Energy Film Festival videos to learn more about the innovative clean energy projects happening all across the state!