We provide our members with the tools and opportunities to make their voices heard on important issues facing Montana. Find resources for lobbying and taking action on bills, read our weekly bulletins, and find other important tools to stay informed during the session.

Legislative Bulletins

One of the reasons Northern Plains members have been successful in protecting our quality of life in Montana is by staying informed. During Montana’s biennial legislative sessions, our members receive a Legislative Bulletin in the mail every two weeks and a digital version (Legislative e-Bulletin) every week to keep them updated on what’s happening at the Legislature. 

People stand outside the Montana capitol building during a snowstorm, holding signs that say "C-PACE". A man speaks at a podium.

Voting Records

At the end of each legislative session, we produce a summary of how our legislators voted on the issues our members care about. Click below to view voting records from the last few legislative sessions.

How a Bill Becomes a Law

“Committee hearings.” “2nd Reading.” “Transmittal.” Navigating legislative lingo and tracking important bills can be a daunting prospect! Click to learn how a bill moves through the Legislature to become law. Feel free to download this diagram and refer back to it during the session!

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