The Legislature is now in session!  Stay tuned for updates on bills and opportunities to get involved.

Northern Plains members gather at the Capitol to lobby legislators.

Lobby Days 

Thank you to our members who made the 2017 Lobby Days a success! Members testified, lobbied, and made an impact with legislators. Although designated Lobby Days have passed, you can still make your way to Helena. If you are interested in lobbying or providing testimony, call Ella at (406) 248-1154 or contact her by email ella@northernplains.org.




Legislative Phone Trees

Our phone trees are a really powerful way for Northern Plains members to urge their representatives to make the right decisions. They have kept bad bills from becoming law and have helped good bills gain passage.

When a phone tree is activated, a top few people each call a handful of other people, each of whom call a few more people, and so on down the line. And everyone calls the target — say, the governor or a legislator whose vote can make a difference in the outcome.

If you are a Northern Plains member and would like to participate, contact Olivia by phone (406) 248-1154 or email olivia@northernplains.org.

220 South 27th Street, Suite A
Billings, Montana 59101
(406) 248-1154