Board of Directors

Board Officers

  • Joanie Kresich, Livingston


  • Edward Barta, Billings


  • John Brown, Helena


  • Roxa Reller, Helena

    Assistant Secretary

  • Sue Beug, Red Lodge


  • Simon Cecil, Billings

    Assistant Treasurer

  • Jeanie Alderson, Birney

    Past Chair

At-Large Board Members

  • Rae Peppers, Lame Deer

  • Elle Ross, Hardin

  • Craig McClure, Polson

  • Ita Killeen, Bozeman

Affiliate Representatives

  • Vacant

    Beartooth Alliance

  • Barbara Ulrich, Gardiner and Nathan Varley, Gardiner

    Bear Creek Council

  • Ellen Pfister, Shepherd and Steve Charter, Shepherd

    Bull Mountain Land Alliance

  • Jeff Dibenedetto, Red Lodge and Scott Hancock, Red Lodge

    Carbon County Resource Council

  • Peter Mickelson, Lewistown and Ken Siroky, Roy

    Central Montana Resource Council

  • Charlie French, Big Timber

    Cottonwood Resource Council

  • Kristin Aus, Glendive and June Peterson, Glendive

    Dawson Resource Council

  • Jasmine Krotkov, Neihart and Gordon Whirry, Great Falls

    Golden Triangle Resource Council

  • Clint McRae, Forsyth

    Rosebud Protective Association

  • Norane Freistadt, Helena and John Brown, Helena

    Sleeping Giant Citizens Council

  • Edward Barta, Billings and Tom Heyneman, Fishtail

    Stillwater Protective Association

  • Johanna Devries, Livingston and Clayton Birkes, Livingston

    Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council

  • Kris Glenn, Billings and Barbara Gulick, Billings

    Yellowstone Valley Citizens Council

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