Central Montana Resource Council

Central Montana Resource Council is a community organization of concerned citizens dedicated to the sustainability of our water, land and food production for ours and future generations.

History and Campaign Wins

Central Montana Resource Council was formed in 2013, originally around protection of the Madison Aquifer and local foods. Since then, there’s a lot we’re proud of:

  • Successfully secured funding for baseline water tests for 20 Central Montana ranches and households near oil & gas operations. Tests included screening for volatile organic compounds, and were sponsored by Fergus County Conservation District and funded by a grant from Montana Department of Natural Resources.  
  • Assisted Lewistown Art Center and Fergus County Fairgrounds to successfully apply for Northwestern Energy USB grants for solar installations, and worked with Fergus Electric Cooperative to install Phases 1 and 2 of a Cooperative Solar Project.
  •  Turned a 1,000 square foot neglected lot into Green Share Project Garden, a thriving community garden. Since 2014, the Garden has provided over 6,500 pounds of organic produce to our senior center, food bank and others in need. In 2020, in response to the pandemic, we introduced “Garden Share Tuesdays,” where fresh produce was given away for free to any community member in need.
  • Produced pocket-sized Cow Calf Record Books in support of Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL) that were distributed free to Montana ranchers. CMRC members used these books to promote COOL to Montana legislators and decision makers.
  • Presented 15 free community educational seminars to raise awareness on topics including Baseline Water Testing, Climate Change in Montana, Composting & Soil Health, Mineral Rights, Responsible Oil & Gas Extraction, Solar 101 & Community Solar, and Stockwater Quality. 

Clean Water

Our members are dedicated to preserving the quality and quantity of our water that supports farming, ranching and recreation in Central Montana.

Clean Energy

We strive to increase clean energy installations and awareness for area non-profits, businesses, ranchers and homeowners. We are bringing together community members from Fergus and Judith Basin Counties to get more solar energy in Central Montana. Solarize Central Montana is working to select expert installers and gathering information you need to consider going solar on your home or business.

Food Sustainability

We work to raise awareness and access to locally grown foods, country of origin labeling, and soil health practices.


Meetings are held via Zoom until further notice, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 6:00 – 7:30 pm.



Alan Shammel


Laurie Lohrer


Marita Valencia


Linda Roche

Northern Plains Board Representatives

Peter Mickelsen
Ken Siroky

Community Organizer

Check out these upcoming events in your area!​

Soil Crawl – Dryland Vegetables and Orchard

Soil Crawl – Dryland Vegetables..

Join us this summer on a Montana farm or ranch for a soil crawl! Come learn from innovative producers showcasing the practices and principles that help them generate healthy soil, resilient crops and animals, and good food!


Our Team

Michael Skinner

GNA Manager and Community Organizer

Jeanie Alderson, Birney

Past Chair

Emma Kerr-Carpenter, Billings

Affiliate Representatives- Yellowstone Valley Citizens Council

Kris Glenn, Billings

Affiliate Representatives- Yellowstone Valley Citizens Council

John Gayusky, Livingston

Affiliate Representatives- Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council

Joan Kresich, Livingston

Affiliate Representatives- Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council

Tom Heyneman, Fishtail

Affiliate Representatives- Stillwater Protective Association

Edward Barta, Billings

Vice-Chair & Affiliate Representatives - Stillwater Protective Association

Mic Smith, Helena

Affiliate Representatives- Sleeping Giant Citizens Council

Norane Freistadt, Helena

Affiliate Representatives- Sleeping Giant Citizens Council

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