Northern Plains gets national attention fighting cronyism and corruption at the legislature


Click here to listen to “The Battle for Clean Energy in Coal County”

If you found yourself frustrated by legislators who repeatedly ignored the will of the people while doing the bidding of polluting corporations during Montana’s 68th Legislative Session, you weren’t alone. Politicians were so brazen in their efforts to prop up Montana’s fossil fuel industry – no matter the cost to our wallets, health, or climate – that national media outlets collaborated with local reporters to take a deep dive into the problem.

Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting, in collaboration with the Montana Free Press exposed how politicians are colluding with NorthWestern Energy and others to guarantee big corporate profits while everyday Montanans pay the price. Northern Plains members Jeanie Alderson, Steve Krum, and Wally McRae described their experiences on the front lines as they’ve fought to protect their communities from toxic pollution and industry greed.

Reveal, which is broadcast on over 350 radio stations and has an audience of over one million listeners each week, has won numerous journalism awards and was even a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. Our members continue to be part of the national conversation as we work to create the clean, affordable, and just energy future Montanans want and deserve. You can find the 50-minute podcast by searching “Reveal coal country” on your favorite podcast app or by visiting:



Stand up with us to protect this place we all call home.

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