Community shows up in force at Laurel City Council meeting to oppose the proposed methane plant

Yesterday evening, November 23rd, more than 30 community members from Laurel and Billings attended the Laurel City Council meeting as they considered a zoning change to allow the construction of NorthWestern Energy’s proposed methane plant. Dozens of affected people shared their concerns about air and climate pollution, constant light and noise pollution, and the effects on the Yellowstone River.

Community members also shared concerns that NorthWestern Energy is attempting to steamroll the community and pass excessive costs onto customers while ignoring more affordable clean energy opportunities. 

Simon Cecil, Yellowstone Valley Citizens Council member from Billings shared, “NorthWestern keeps telling us they need to build this plant, that it is urgent they do so. But it’s not so urgent they reach out to the community. In fact, it’s not so urgent that they even send a representative tonight.”

Because of community opposition to the plant, the City Council voted to send the zoning issue back to the Laurel City-County Planning Board for further review.

We need your help to ensure NorthWestern Energy puts the health of our communities above bloated corporate bank accounts. Sign our petition, and tell NorthWestern you don’t want a methane plant in Laurel!


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