Tell NorthWestern Energy we can’t afford more methane pollution

NorthWestern Energy is recklessly pushing forward a proposal to create a methane power plant in Laurel, Montana. This project creates financial risks for energy customers while threatening our health, air quality, and climate. Montanans deserve a fair, reliable, and sustainable source of power that protects the people and places we love. The time to act is now!

Don’t be fooled. The proposed Laurel methane plant will exacerbate the climate crisis while threatening our wildlife, outdoor recreation, agriculture, and the health of local residents.

Click here to download our factsheet and learn more about NorthWestern’s reckless plan (and why we need to stop it!)

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Other key points:

  • NorthWestern is planning to build a network of methane power plants in Montana; the proposed project in Laurel is simply its first effort.
  • Air pollution from fossil fuels leads to cancer, heart attacks and respiratory diseases like asthma.
  • Laurel is already dealing with air quality problems due to sulphur dioxide pollution, and a new methane plant would only exacerbate this public health problem.
  • NorthWestern Energy is abusing its position as a monopoly utility company by ducking its responsibility to provide energy in a clean and healthy way. 
  • Instead of embracing the more affordable, clean energy solutions Montanans want, NorthWestern is trying to stick with the energy sources of yesterday that allow it to generate unearned profits for executives and shareholders.
  • The fuel for methane plants is a commodity with high market volatility ripe for manipulation to maximize corporate profits at the expense of customers. Wind and sun are not commodities, which makes the costs to customers more transparent and affordable.
  • NorthWestern is rushing this dangerous and reckless methane plant without soliciting public input. The company is keeping customers in the dark about the complete cost of the plant, as well as it impacts and costs to public health.
  • Methane is 80 times more potent as a climate pollutant than carbon dioxide. Not only are methane plants an immediate threat to public health, they are a long term threat to the health of our climate and the future prosperity of younger generations.