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  • McLaren Mill Site and Tailings Removal
  • Native Fisheries in the Northeast Yellowstone Ecosystem
  • Reclamation of the New World Mining District

Newsletter: July 2014


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Beartooth Alliance has been together since 1992

In 1989, individuals in the Cooke City Area were informed that Crown Butte/Noranda Mines (a Canadian Company) had applied for a permit to mine in the New World District.

The individuals formed the Hard Rock Mining Impact Committee in 1990, and in 1992 they were organized as an affiliate of the Northern Plains Resource Council and became Beartooth Alliance.

It was determined that this mine would be a threat to Yellowstone National Park and the 3 major streams that are the headwaters of the Yellowstone River, which flows into the Park. Responding to the public outcry, the Clinton Administration and Congress approved a buyout of the New World Mine.

Beartooth Alliance has continued to work with the agencies to follow up on the reclamation of the area, made possible by the $20 million allocated to the Forest Service for the clean up of the historic mine waste in the area.

The buyout did not include the removal of the McLaren Mill Site and Tailings and Beartooth Alliance has continued the effort to do so.

Beartooth Alliance continues to seek membership worldwide and invites the public to a yearly fundraiser held the last Saturday in July.

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