Why Membership Matters

Membership Benefits

There are many benefits to being a member of Northern Plains.

Northern Plains members are equipped to take action. As a member you receive reliable and credible information that keeps you informed and enables you to take action on the issues you care about. In addition to receiving regular action alerts and updates on our work, you receive our quarterly newsletter, The Plains Truth, with on-the-ground stories of neighbors creating real change across the state.

Northern Plains members have a voice. We ensure that you have both the ability and the opportunity to be heard by key legislators and decision-makers on the topics that matter most to you. Members are also invited to all of our events and trainings (with special rates!), including our highly-anticipated Annual Meeting every fall.

Northern Plains members make a difference. Our members make it possible for us to hire lawyers, hydrologists, and other experts needed to continue fighting for the places we love. Everyday  people strengthen our network of grassroots power that is a force for integrity, equity, and informed decision-making in Montana.

Our work is only possible because of people like you. 

How we work

Northern Plains is a member-led, grassroots democratic organization. What does that mean? It means that all of our work and campaigns are the result of regular people, Northern Plains’ members, coming together to identify issues in their communities or regions, democratically deciding on courses of action, and then striving together to build power and make changes for their common good. The power of Northern Plains’ grassroots organizing is our members —  their ideas, and their visions — they are our leaders and decision-makers and fierce advocates for stronger, more resilient, and more democratic communities.

Regardless of your level of engagement  – whether you support this work through membership dues, by taking action when prompted through emails and phone calls, or by attending meetings, events, and other activities – as a Northern Plains member, YOU are part of building and supporting our grassroots power!

Join us today.

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