Community Food Campaign

By ruin of farmers and rural communities, by erosion, pollution, and various kinds of industrial and urban development, we have ominously degraded and reduced the long-term food-producing capacity of our country. – Wendell Berry, Citizenship Papers

Our Goal

YVCC’s goal is to expand and increase local food so that producers, consumers, distributors, and institutions in Yellowstone County make it their first choice!

Choosing local food first is good for our health, our climate, and our communities. We believe in building stronger, healthier communities and diverse economies through our local food system.

For the past couple of years, YVCC members have led Northern Plains’ efforts to launch a community food hub in eastern Montana. Through extensive research, events to increase public interest, and strategic fundraising, we successfully helped launch the Yellowstone Valley Food Hub on December 1, 2018.

Our Community Food Campaign is committed to finding solutions to food accessibility issues in the greater Billings area. With the Food Hub entering its inaugural year, we are excited about the work ahead!