Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council

We are a group of citizens in and around Livingston, MT who recognize that healthy communities depend on healthy ecosystems.

Our Mission

We believe our unique quality of life and rich natural heritage can be preserved by promoting reliance on renewable energy and minimizing adverse effects from the development of fossil fuels. We hold ourselves and our government accountable to leave to generations that will follow us vibrant and healthy natural surroundings.

We achieve sustainable use and preservation of our local ecosystems through:

  • Democratically engaging citizens in critical decisions that affect present and future generations;
  • Education using the best available information;
  • Application of community organizing skills that promote local engagement on vital issues.

Issues We Work On

Energy Equity

We work to expand access to energy efficiency and renewable energy in Livingston, MT.


In 2019, YBCC launched its first Solarize Livingston campaign to highlight the benefits of solar, and grow the number of Livingston solar ambassadors. Our 2nd campaign launched in 2020. Together these campaigns have brought 60 new residential solar arrays to Livingston, along with growing enthusiasm for using the sun’s energy to power our homes.

Rural Electric Co-op Reform

We work with members of Park Electric Cooperative to expand democratic principles in co-op governance and create more opportunities for renewable energy.

Rail Watch: Fossil Fuel Transport

We work to ensure a safe and healthy community by expanding emergency planning and rail safety in Livingston, MT.

Less Is More

We work to reduce material usage and waste production locally, as recycling materials alone is not enough to diminish negative impacts from our food system on both human and not-human life.

History and Accomplishments

  • YBCC championed the idea of bringing an Energy Corps member on board to serve the City and County and got the go-ahead from both commissions. Our three interns have accomplished energy audits for city and county facilities, secured rebates from NorthWestern Energy, and identified over $15,000 in annual energy savings!
  • YBCC played a role in the big C-PACE  victory, working locally with city/county officials and business owners, and at the legislature. C-PACE was signed into law in June (‘21). Now local commercial building owners, multi-unit residential building owners, and non-profits can obtain efficiency and renewable energy upgrades with no upfront or monthly costs. 
  • We’ve initiated and fundraised for these community solar projects:
    • Park County library
    • Senior Center
    • Wastewater Treatment Plant 
    • Yellowstone Gateway Museum 
    • the Shane Lalani Center for the Arts. 
    • Head Start Center
    • Winans School
  • We also launched two successful Solarize Livingston campaigns, in 2019 and 2020, resulting in 60 residential solar arrays in our town. Check out our solar map to see all of our projects!
  • YBCC played a role in enabling Park Electric Co-op members the ability to vote by mail through the passage of a by-law amendment.



Joanie Kresich

Kathryn Eklund


Tony Noble


Lauren Dalzell

Community Organizer
Northern Plains Board Representatives

Eleanor Wend

George Kelly


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Helena Sun Run

Helena Sun Run

Our Mission We believe our unique quality of life and rich natural heritage can be...

Saturday, October 5th from 10:00 am-2:00 pm

Our Team

Casey Kennedy

Good Neighbor Agreement Manager

Jack Leuthold

Community Organizer

Jackson Newman

Community Organizer

Effy McEldowney

Grassroots Fundraiser

Michael Skinner

Community Organizer

Jeanie Alderson, Birney

Past Chair

Emma Kerr-Carpenter, Billings

Affiliate Representatives- Yellowstone Valley Citizens Council

Kris Glenn, Billings

Affiliate Representatives- Yellowstone Valley Citizens Council

John Gayusky, Livingston

Affiliate Representatives- Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council

Joan Kresich, Livingston

Affiliate Representatives- Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council

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