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Community Food:

  • We turn passive consumers into active investors in a healthy local economy by mobilizing demand for local food and affordable, efficient energy systems.
  • Money spent on locally grown food adds millions of extra dollars to the local economy as it circulates to purchase other goods and services.
  • Investing in community-based food and energy provides good local jobs.
  • We successfully reinstated Seder Ridge Turkey Farm as a local supplier for Billings Clinic hospital.
  • We give special recognition to area businesses that have made a special effort to buy food that is locally produced and processed.

Efficient and Renewable Energy:

  • Efficient and renewable energy provides clean, reliable, and affordable power.
  • We helped enactment Montana’s landmark reclamation and pollution control laws.
  • Through education, we help members lower their fuel and power bills through efficient energy use.


  • We organize at the grassroots for enforcement of antitrust laws against the meatpacking monopoly;
  • We successfully upheld our constitutional right to free speech by challenging and defeating the mandatory beef check-off;


  • We promote the growing and harvesting of oilseed crops for farm- and cooperative-sized production of biodiesel to replace petrol diesel to operate farm machinery. This cost-saving process also produces a high-protein feed supplement for cattle in the winter.


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About Us

The Bull Mountain Land Alliance stands up for land and people by advocating for affordable and efficient energy use, prosperous family farms and ranches, and a healthy local economy.


A founding affiliate of Northern Plains, the Bull Mountain Land Alliance (formerly the Bull Mountain Landowners Association) was formed in 1969 after a small group of landowners organized to protect their family farms and ranches from the threat of coal mining. Over the years we have acted as a watchdog over agencies to safeguard our land, air and water from the impacts of coal-based energy development.

In the late 1970’s we helped pass Montana’s landmark reclamation and pollution control laws. And we are still fighting for responsible development of Montana’s coal resources.

220 South 27th Street, Suite A
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