Bull Mountain Land Alliance

The Bull Mountain Land Alliance stands up for land and people by advocating for affordable and efficient energy use, prosperous family farms and ranches, and a healthy local economy.

A founding affiliate of Northern Plains, the Bull Mountain Land Alliance (formerly the Bull Mountain Landowners Association) was formed in 1969 after a small group of landowners organized to protect their family farms and ranches from the threat of coal mining. Over the years we have acted as a watchdog over agencies to safeguard our land, air and water from the impacts of coal-based energy development.

In the late 1970’s we helped pass Montana’s landmark reclamation and pollution control laws. And we are still fighting for responsible development of Montana’s coal resources as well as for Montana’s farm and ranch livelihoods.



We want to maintain the longterm viability of the lands that are our homes. Therefore, we are working to mitigate the effects of a longwall coal mine under the steep mesas and spring-fed coulees of the Bull Mountains. Mining is causing slope damage, erosion, rock toppling, surface collapse, and cracking sometimes nine feet deep or more, and also affecting the quality and quantity of water available in the natural aquifer-fed springs and wells that have sustained family farms and ranches for generations.



We organize at the grassroots level for enforcement of antitrust laws against the meatpacking monopoly, have fought for our constitutional right to free speech by challenging the mandatory beef check-off, have successfully lobbied for fairer ag land taxation to support ranchers instead of speculators, have created new markets for local foods, and more. Currently, our members are working to develop practices and educate other Montanans on boosting yields, drought resistance, and storing carbon through building soil health.

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Northern Plains Board Representative
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Northern Plains Field Organizer
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