Giving the people a say to stop NorthWestern’s polluting power plant

This past Sunday, Northern Plains members continued to step up as community leaders taking on corporate corruption in Laurel. NorthWestern Energy continues to push a methane-fired power plant on the community of Laurel even after a Montana judge has halted construction of the project until a proper analysis of the plant’s climate and light pollution is conducted. The monopoly corporation has cut the community out of this decision-making process, so Northern Plains members hosted a community meeting in Laurel to provide a forum for expanded conversation and information about the proposed project.

Kasey Felder and Steve Krum, Laurel members who will be impacted by the plant, bravely shared their story, including frustrations about a lack of meaningful response from NorthWestern Energy and state agencies when they brought up concerns over carcinogenic pollution and noise and light disruption. They also described how NorthWestern is abusing its monopoly utility status to generate more profits by building expensive, polluting plants while ignoring clean, reliable, and affordable energy sources.

From there, doctors Lori and Rob Byron, also Northern Plains members, presented medical analysis of the health impacts the power plant would have on the local community, particularly from methane, formaldehyde, and particulate matter pollution.

A spirited conversation ensued with local residents sharing a multitude of concerns and perspectives. While we are disappointed that NorthWestern Energy continues to hide from the public, we are proud of Northern Plains leaders for creating an important dialogue about this reckless project.

To learn more about the Laurel plant (or to get a free yard sign like the one you see pictured below) contact Sydney at (406) 248-1154 or

Stand up with us to protect this place we all call home.

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