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You’ve spent a lifetime fighting for what you love, together we can ensure that fight is sustained for the long term. 

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There are many ways to make a difference at Northern Plains. Donations of stock, donor advised funds, and even cars or property, can help ensure the future of the work you care about.

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What our members say...

Emily Petrik and Joel Harris
“Some of our dear friends were Northern Plains staff and member leaders. For us, it was a no-brainer to become members. Northern Plains uses a truly grassroots model, more so than any other conservation group in Montana. It’s not all about lawyers or ‘experts.’ And [Northern Plains] is effective – we really get stuff done. In a world where many people feel isolated and disconnected, the way we do our work brings people together and makes us all feel like we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves.”
Emily Petrik and Joel Harris , Billings
Deb Muth
“As a young mother, my children were experiencing health issues and I struggled to understand why, until I discovered they were related to toxins in our well water. It turned out that an out-of-date landfill was leaching into the ground water downstream, and illnesses were pandemic in our area. Cancers of all kinds… young children too! That landfill became a designated Superfund site, but the damage will still linger for lifetimes.  We know better now, about how to safely clean up toxic waste dumps! Membership in Northern Plains has helped me stand up for myself, my family, and my community and fight against special interests that would sacrifice our unique quality of life for short term profits!  I am proud to have worked with Northern Plains for the past 22 years to protect our clean watersheds, creeks and rivers, clean air quality, and our precious soil, the land we call home!”
Deb Muth
Emma Kerr-Carpenter
“My involvement with Northern Plains began when my local affiliate started a new committee to work on local issues such as city planning, zoning, and parks. I began to see that if I worked together with my friends and neighbors we could build a healthy, sustainable, inviting community that works for everyone.    I am a member of Northern Plains because there are very few other conservation groups in MT that are so grassroots. Through the incredible leadership of our members and the support of our staff we hold decision-makers accountable and organize to improve the quality of life of everyday Montanans.” 
Emma Kerr-Carpenter
Ed Gulick
“I love Northern Plains and take great pleasure in devoting my time and treasure as a member to further our collective vision. Montana is not going to become a more just, equitable and environmentally sustainable place by itself. It takes a committed group of organized citizens, working together to bring issues forward, educate the public on alternatives, and work through the various governing processes to create lasting change in our communities. Northern Plains is that organizing vehicle for me. I get to spend time with such committed and capable members and staff. And through our methodical, grassroots democratic process, we are incredibly effective, accomplishing more with investments of time and resources than anywhere else. Join us!”
Ed Gulick
Sue Beug
“I became actively involved with Northern Plains when there were rumors of expanding oil and gas development in Carbon County. I became an advocate for demanding development be done according to existing regulations and worked to increase protections where they didn’t exist. [This] has taught me how to be an effective activist for our environment and conservation.  Because of the support, knowledge and guidance provided by Northern Plains staff I have gained confidence and developed the ability to effectively speak out on issues of importance to me."
Sue Beug
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