Tell the PSC to consider climate change!

Recently, a broad group of Montana organizations submitted a petition to the Montana Public Service Commission (PSC) requests that it adopt rules to consider climate change in its oversight of […]

Solarize Golden Triangle

Solarize Golden Triangle is a campaign of the Golden Triangle Resource Council. We are bringing together community members from Cascade, Teton, Choteau, and Pondera Counties to bring more solar energy to the Golden Triangle region. Solarize Golden Triangle is working to gather information and select expert installers to streamline the solar process for folks interested in going solar on their home or business.

NorthWestern Energy’s Methane-Fired Power Plant

A rendering of NorthWestern Energy's methane-fired power plant showing 18 smokestacks along the banks of the Yellowstone River.

NorthWestern Energy is recklessly pushing forward with construction of a methane fired power plant in Laurel, Montana. This project creates financial risks for energy customers while threatening our health, air quality, and climate. Montanans deserve a fair, reliable, and sustainable source of power that protects the people and places we love. The time to act is now!

Solarize Central Montana

Solarize Central Montana is a campaign of Central Montana Resource Council. We are bringing together community members from Fergus and Judith Basin Counties to get more solar energy in Central Montana. Solarize Central Montana is working to select expert installers and gathering information you need to consider going solar on your home or business. The campaign will officially launch in February.

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