Train traffic increases – KULR-TV, March 11, 2014

March 12, 2014

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By MacLeod Hageman

BILLINGS – The amount of train traffic in Billings is expected to more than double, and railroad companies are not legally obligated to improve the congestion.

You’re either one of the lucky ones, your you get caught waiting for the train to pass. We’ve all been there, and according to Transportation and Marketing Consultant, Terry Whiteside, the nearly 25 trains that now pass through Billings will likely double within the decade, that’s due to increased oil and coal production. “That congestion causes mitigation issues, and Burlington Northern does not want to work with mitigation at this point. They don’t have to under the law. That’s the real reality,” Whiteside and Associates Principal Consultant, Terry Whiteside said.

Unless you’re singer songwriter, Tom T. Hall, you probably don’t like ‘slow-moving trains.’ But, Billings business owners are concerned the increased train traffic could affect their livelihood. “And, only through forming groups and pressure and coming together can we sit down and sit down and start to work these mitigation paths,” Whiteside said.

Whiteside says he’s researched everything, from new underpasses to rerouting the tracks around the city to improve congestion. “All of them are burdens to the city. The problem in Billings is that it runs from 18-million to 168-million dollars,” Whiteside said.

Whiteside said the congestion is inevitable, and the only way to improve the problem is for all parties from the city to the railroad to work together.

Whiteside said the greatest concert so far greatest concern so far is safety. He said if first responders are caught at the tracks, it could mean life or death for someone in an emergency. To view Whiteside’s analysis you can click on connections.


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