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It’s time to stop methane pollution and tackle the climate crisis.

In November 2021, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released new, proposed limits to the amount of methane and other harmful pollutants that oil and gas development can flare, vent, or leak. The proposal applies to both new and existing oil and gas operations. It represents an important step forward in tackling the climate crisis, and is a powerful signal that the Biden Administration understands the harms of methane pollution from oil and gas operations.

The EPA needs to hear from you that averting the climate emergency is important to Montanans, and that curbing methane pollution from oil and gas is a necessary part of tackling that crisis. We can’t stop climate change without addressing methane pollution. 

Add your name below to tell the EPA that you:

  • Support what they’ve proposed already, and
  • Would like to see final rules that are even stronger


The comment period ends on January 31, 2022!


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The Biden administration has already indicated that the EPA plans to release another, supplemental proposal to the rules released in November. This supplemental proposal will expand on what’s already been released, and will respond to public input provided during this comment period. That means that the ongoing comment period – which ends January 31, 2022 – is our window to make our voices heard, and push for the strong and comprehensive methane standards we need.

We’re asking the EPA to:

  • Make sure all wells are inspected at least monthly, and that any leaks discovered are required to be repaired immediately
  • End the practice of routine flaring at all oil and gas facilities in Montana (as states like Colorado and New Mexico have already done)


Have questions or comments? Contact Caitlin at or (406) 248-1154.

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