Soil Summit 2016

soilsummit_websitebanner_2016-09-12Get the dirt on soil…can you dig it?

Did you miss out on the Soil Summit? You can see many of the sessions here!

Northern Plains Resource Council is hosting the 2016 Soil Summit Saturday, October 15. Farmers, ranchers, and the general public are invited to this all-day event to learn about and discuss soil health, carbon-sequestration, monitoring, and opportunities and resources for ecological farm and rangeland management.

Attendees will hear from experts and producers through a series of presentations, panels, and workshops on how they can help vitalize Montana’s soils and agricultural communities. Farmers and ranchers are especially encouraged to attend, and to bring their insights and experiences to help build a more resilient agricultural landscape and food system in Montana. But most importantly, we want to hear from YOU.

Registration fees include a healthy, locally-sourced lunch provided during the seminar.

Soil Summit Sessions

9:00 Welcome

9:15 Introductions

9:45 Soil Health: Principles & Practices with Molly Haviland

10:30 Organic Fertilizer: Increasing Crop & Forage Yield without Chemicals with Richard Leach

10:50 Carbon Sequestration on Rangeland with Blain Hjertaas

11:15 Carbon Marketing & Rewards with Jimmy Sinton and Mik McKee

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Breakout Sessions:

  • Where to start? Real tools and planning for building better soil – – Lora Soderquist
  • Soil resources: what is out there now, and what do we need for Montana’s future? – – NRCS

2:00 Breakout Sessions:

  • Building a Montana Soil Monitoring Network: who, why, and how – –  Blain Hjertaas
  • Soil health incentives that could change the face of agriculture – –  Jimmy Sinton

3:00 Group Synthesis

4:00  Boots to the Ground, and Evaluation

5:00 Adjourn

Featured speakers:

Molly Haviland
Soil Ecologist
Instructor and Consultant for Haviland Earth Regeneration


Jimmy Sinton
CEO of Fair Carbon Exchange


Blain Hjertaas
Rancher, certified Holistic Management educator


Mik Mckee
Senior Analyst, Forestry for The Climate Trust


Richard Leach
Project CEO for Sandy Arrow Ranch



The online registration for the Soil Summit has closed, but you can still join us tomorrow morning. We will be taking registrations at the door. See you then!



220 South 27th Street, Suite A
Billings, Montana 59101
(406) 248-1154