Rancher reax to Arch Coal asking to suspend Otter Creek coal mine permit – March 10, 2016

March 10, 2016

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By Northern Plains Resource Council

Dawson Dunning

DawsonDunning1_WEB_2014-09-04“It was only a matter of time before this project collapsed. All of us in Montana are fortunate that it collapsed before this gigantic mine opened up and a productive ranching valley was destroyed,” said Dawson Dunning, a Northern Plains member whose family has ranched on Otter Creek for over a century. “The writing was on the wall.”

Local ranchers have worried about this for years. It’s important to them that clean water is protected for their livelihoods. Ranchers and irrigators in southeast Montana can sleep well knowing that their water will be protected.


Clint McRae

Clint-McRae_WEB“The Otter Creek mine was pure speculation from the beginning,” said Clint McRae, Northern Plains member and rancher whose land would be condemned by the proposed Tongue River Railroad. “This proves that we have said all along: that this Otter Creek mine and the proposed Tongue River Railroad were pure speculation and never a public need. The Tongue River Railroad would have crossed several miles of our place, and has forced us to live under the threat of federal condemnation of our land for over 30 years. The whole proposal was a speculative project in search of a purpose.”


Kate French

KateFrench_15_WEB_2015-11-30“Montana has a long history with mining companies walking away,” said Kate French, Chair of landowner group Northern Plains Resource Council, which has opposed the project since it was first proposed. “We should count our lucky stars that Arch Coal walked away before this project was built, and before it wrecked the Otter Creek valley.”


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