Tell the EQC: Don’t block radioactive oil waste protections

What happened?

Responsible radioactive oil waste disposal rules are critical to protect eastern Montana from becoming North Dakota’s dumping ground.

Members of an interim committee of the Montana legislature, the Environmental Quality Council, voted to “object” to Montana’s nearly final rules for radioactive oil waste.

Neighbors and Northern Plains members in Glendive have been working on these rules for six years, ever since Montana’s first landfill for radioactive oil waste was permitted and opened outside of Glendive. The protections were expected to be finalized and go into effect this spring.

The radioactive oil waste rules protect public health and ensure things are done right at these landfills. There are now six radioactive oil waste landfills that are either permitted, proposed, or open for business in Montana.

What does the Environmental Quality Council’s objection mean? The objection places the rulemaking on “pause,” and the EQC will reconsider it at their May 27th meeting. On May 27th, the committee could either derail the rulemaking further or withdraw their objection and let the rulemaking proceed.

The radioactive oil waste rules ended up on the EQC’s agenda at the request of the Montana Petroleum Association.

 How to take action

Please send an email or letter to the members of the Environmental Quality Council (EQC) before Wednesday, May 27 and ask them to withdraw their “informal objection,” and let the existing draft of radioactive oil waste rules stand.

Email addresses:
You can paste them all into the same email, unless you would prefer to separate and personalize them.;;;;;;;;;;;;

Physical address: (if you would prefer to send a letter)

Attn: Joe Kolman
Environmental Quality Council
P.O. Box 201706
Helena, MT 59620-1706

Suggestions for what to say:

  • Address your email to the members of the Environmental Quality Council.
  • State where you are from and if you have any connection to this issue (such as if you farm or ranch, have friends or neighbors who farm and ranch, or if you live near an operating or proposed landfill site, etc.).
  • Ask the EQC to withdraw their “informal objection,” and let the existing draft of radioactive oil waste rules stand.
  • State that you support the DEQ’s current draft of radioactive oil waste rules.
  • State that having rules on par with North Dakota protects us from becoming a dumping ground for North Dakota (as well as for the entire region around Montana).
  • State that six years of work went into this rulemaking process and thousands of eastern Montanans have submitted public comments.
  • State that the rules provide for our continued property rights, our ability to water our cows, and pass our land down to our children.