PRESS RELEASE: Northern Plains Resource Council responds to Trump carbon rule


BILLINGS, Mont. — Today, the Environmental Protection Agency released its final carbon rule for the U.S. power industry which diminishes many of the air quality protections found in the Obama-era Clean Power Plan it replaces. Northern Plains Resource Council member, Mark Fix, a Miles rancher along the Tongue River, issued the following statement on behalf of Northern Plains:

“This administration continues to do the bidding of the coal industry while leaving the public to pick up the tab for pollution that further degrades our climate and air quality. The costs will come in the form of  compromised human health including thousands of premature deaths, longer wildfire seasons, increased droughts, and more erratic and unpredictable weather that disrupts the business of farmers and ranchers across Montana. Despite the Trump administration’s efforts to turn back time, we will continue to work with forward-thinking community and state leaders creating new jobs and economic development by expanding renewable energy in Montana.”