Press release: Montana rancher testifies at Denver hearing on behalf of EPA air pollution rules, July 29, 2014

July 29, 2014

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Here is a link to Fix’s oral and written testimony at the EPA hearing:

By Northern Plains Resource Council

Mark Fix, a Tongue River rancher and Past Chair of the Northern Plains Resource Council, called new EPA rules to curb carbon pollution 30% by 2030 a “good step in the right direction.”

Fix, a member of the Northern Plains Coal Task Force, testified on Tuesday at a regional hearing in Denver about the need to address climate change in order to protect agriculture in Montana.

“There’s things out there we need to develop — the hydro, the wind, the solar, a lot of the renewables,” Fix told The Associated Press just before giving his testimony. The EPA rules are a “good step in the right direction.”

During his testimony, Fix said, “Climate change alters the weather, and those of us in agriculture have to deal with the weather every day. The weather can make or break us. If we want agriculture as we know it to continue to thrive, it is an economic and cultural imperative to deal with climate change.”

Fix was talking about recent extreme weather events in southeastern Montana, from tornadoes and storms to the 1.1 million-acre wildfires that ravaged the area in 2012. These events cost ranchers miles of fence, hundreds of livestock, and even some homes were lost. Fix said he has witnessed on his ranch this “global weirding” of tornadoes, flooding, and other extreme weather.

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