Press release: Impacted Montana rancher opposes Keystone XL pipeline – Jan. 24, 2017

Link to Final EIS

The executive action can be viewed here.

Northern Plains Resource Council, a conservation and family-agriculture group based in Billings, opposes President Trump’s approval today of the Keystone tar sands pipeline. The pipeline would cross eastern Montana from Canada to South Dakota.

Darrell Garoutte

“The Northern Plains Resource Council believes the final Environmental Impact Statement that was originally done showed that the Keystone XL pipeline fell far short of demonstrating that it would be in the national interest,” said Darrell Garoutte, a Northern Plains member and rancher whose land would be crossed by the pipeline in McCone County, Montana.

Garoutte also pointed out:

  • “The Keystone XL pipeline tar sands are bound for export, doing nothing for ‘national energy security’;
  • “The project does not have an Emergency Response Plan, despite the historical warnings of the Kalamazoo and Yellowstone rivers disasters and others;
  • “It crosses the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers and Ogallala Aquifer, which provide drinking and irrigation water to a large percentage of our nation’s population;
  • “Property rights have been violated. There are landowners along the route facing condemnation by the Keystone XL pipeline who don’t want the pipeline on their land;
  • “Those of us that did sign an easement agreement with TransCanada only did so because we knew we’d be condemned and receive a worse deal that way;
  • “It isn’t needed here in Montana. The construction jobs are short lived but the agricultural jobs are foundational to our economy;
  • “Agricultural production — highly important to Montana’s economy — is threatened by risk of spills.”