Help us create the energy future Park Electric Co-Op deserves!

At Northern Plains, we want to see a cleaner, more democratic energy future in Park County! A future where we have a say in the energy decisions that impact our lives, and where we champion innovative energy solutions that will save people money.

As member-owners of Park Electric Co-Op, we have the power to determine the future of our cooperative. It’s our responsibility to communicate to our co-op’s management and Board of Directors the future we envision for our co-op. 

Please sign our letter to the Park Electric Cooperative Board of Directors outlining our vision for the co-op’s future!

Sign on Letter

Dear Park Electric Co-Op Board,
Cc: Matt Haggerty

As engaged member owners of Park Electric Co-Op, we are reaching out to share our thoughts on ways the Cooperative can improve. Voting-by-mail was a positive development in 2020 and we’d like to build on that momentum in two key areas – improved transparency and greater access to renewable energy.

Improve the transparency of Park Electric Co-Op to its members:

  • Make board meeting times available to member owners online 30 days in advance, and an agenda available to member owners online 7 days in advance  
  • Make board meeting minutes available to members owners on the Co-Op website within 10 days of a meeting, and to make past minutes available to member owners
  • Make the contact information for district board representatives available on the website

Greater member access to renewable energy:

  • Develop a timeline for installation of a  community solar arrays
  • Revise the Co-Op’s existing rate structure to ensure it does not penalize member owners who want to generate their own power from solar and onsite renewables by implementing rate structures that reflect demand (i.e. an additional base rate of $9 / month is charged to solar customers)
  • Add a section to the Co-Op newsletter dedicated to renewable projects or things that member owners have done in the realm of clean energy upgrades, decreasing peak demand use and energy efficiency


Please advise when the June Park Electric Co-Op Board meeting will be held. We’d like a few representatives from our member owners to join by videoconference to get an update from the Board on the proposals we’ve outlined herein.


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