The Fight For Montana’s Energy Future

Our communities thrive when we have a choice in the energy decisions that impact our lives. NorthWestern Energy wants to take that choice away, and pass the costs of a fossil fuel future onto the next generation.

To create a healthy, affordable future, we must transition to clean energy sources. NorthWestern Energy wants to double down on powering Montana with an aging coal-fired power plant, while hiding the true costs and risks from customers. This undermines the clean energy future we’re fighting for!

On February 6th, NorthWestern filed to receive “pre-approval” from the Public Service Commission to buy an additional 25% ownership share of Colstrip Unit 4 from Puget Sound Energy for $1. In a recent twist, NorthWestern announced it would be amending its proposed purchase down to an additional 12.5% ownership stake for 50¢  to allow plant operator Talen Energy to purchase the remaining 12.5%.

We all know that power plants don’t cost fifty cents. We can’t let NorthWestern Energy pass the true costs onto Montanans for years to come. The buck stops here! Customers demand a fair, affordable, and sustainable energy future from the Public Service Commission.

Now is the time to make our voices heard.

Click here to submit a comment to the PSC telling them to vote “no” on preapproval!

Download our fact sheet to learn more about pre-approval and NorthWestern Energy’s attempt to “pass the buck” onto their customers.

In April, Northern Plains held a webinar featuring former Public Service Commissioners Ken Toole and Tom Schneider and Northern Plains members Mark Reller and Ed Gulick about NorthWestern’s pre-approval process. Click here to watch the webinar.