Passing The Buck Webinar

NorthWestern wants to pass the buck. On February 6th, NorthWestern filed to receive “pre-approval” from the Public Service Commission to buy an additional 25% ownership share of Colstrip Unit 4 from Puget Sound Energy for $1. In a recent twist, NorthWestern announced it would be amending its proposed purchase down to an additional 12.5% ownership stake for 50¢  to allow plant operator Talen Energy to purchase the remaining 12.5%.

We all know that power plants don’t cost fifty cents. We can’t let NorthWestern Energy pass the true costs onto Montanans for years to come. The buck stops here! Customers demand a fair, affordable, and sustainable energy future from the Public Service Commission.

In April, Northern Plains held a webinar featuring former Public Service Commissioners Ken Toole and Tom Schneider and Northern Plains members Mark Reller and Ed Gulick to talk more about what “pre-approval” is, why NorthWestern Energy wants it, what it could mean for Montana’s energy future, and what it could mean for your energy bills.

Watch the full webinar below or click here to go directly to YouTube for viewing.