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Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council

Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council was formed in 2014 in the Livingston area in Park County, Montana.

About us

Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council is Northern Plains’ newest affiliate working to protect our paradise. Formed in 2014 our base is the Livingston area in Park County, Montana, from the Crazy Mountains to Paradise Valley and the Absaroka Range. Our main issues are mitigating the effects of oil and coal transport through Livingston, whether by train or truck, and to help citizens locally and statewide make the transition from dirty fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy, such as community wind, solar, and increasing residential & commercial energy efficiency.  Learn more at:  Stay updated on our activities if you use Facebook by visiting:


Join a Campaign:

Fossil Fuel Transport

  • Mitigating the effects of fossil fuel transport through Livingston.

Clean Energy

  • Promoting clean and renewable energy such as solar, community wind, and energy efficiency.

Support our work from behind the scenes

  • It takes a lot to keep an organization running! We can always use some behind-the-scenes support. Some specific tasks with which we need help can be found at our YBCC ‘Get Involved’ web page.

Our mission

Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council is a group of citizens in and around Livingston, Montana who recognize that healthy communities depend on healthy ecosystems. We believe our unique quality of life and rich natural heritage can be preserved by promoting reliance on renewable energy and minimizing adverse effects from development of fossil fuels. We hold ourselves and our government accountable to leave vibrant and healthy natural surroundings to the generations that will follow.


Please visit our YBCC website events page  and the NP events calendar for all Northern Plains and local groups (affiliates) events and meetings.

Please visit our events calendar for all Northern Plains and local groups (affiliates) events and meetings.

By joining you can:

  • Help us identify and work on issues of concern in our community;
  • Receive reliable and timely information through newsletters, e-mail alerts, factsheets, reports, and more;
  • Join concerned neighbors to begin other campaigns – interest has been expressed in water quality issues, local agriculture and food production support, democratic justice in energy decisions and others;
  • Join us in Helena during the Montana Legislature to advocate for legislation that protects our clean air and water, supports family farms and ranches, and encourages responsible development.
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