Stillwater Protective Association

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Stillwater Protective Association issues:

  • Protect the Beartooth Front — Join us in keeping the Beartooth Front from devastating oil & gas development! View our presentation to the county commissioners here.
  • Good Neighbor Agreement — Stillwater Protective Association, Northern Plains Resource Council, Cottonwood Resource Council, and Stillwater Mining Company negotiated and continue to maintain the Good Neighbor Agreement (GNA). It is the only legally binding agreement between citizen groups and a hard-rock mining company in the world. Since 2000, the GNA has promoted socially responsible business practices by:
    • Regular reviews of water quality to maintain the health of the Stillwater River watershed,
    • Traffic reduction,
    • Limiting the mine’s footprint on the Beartooth Plateau,
    • Providing for the clean-up of mine waste and other industrial hazards.

Many gather to toast the 10 year anniversary of the Good Neighbor Agreement
Picturesque scene in the Stillwater Valley
SPA member toasts the Good Neighbor Agreement's 10 year anniversary
Stillwater Valley
100s of people gathered at East Rosebud Lake in 2012 in opposition to the proposed dams on East and West Rosebud Creeks. The proposals for these two dams were dropped in 2013!
An auction at SPA's gathering at Montana Jack's in Dean, Montana
An auction at SPA's gathering at Montana Jack's in Dean, Montana

Our members also are:

  • Stopping the “Bakkenization” of the Beartooth Front by the oil & gas industry;
  • Protecting our ranchers and farmers from being exploited by the meatpacking industry;
  • Educating the community about planned increases in rail traffic through Stillwater County and possibilities for mitigation;
  • Encouraging responsible development projects that keep the valley a good place to live and work by involving the community in decision-making, respecting the needs of agriculture and other businesses;
  • Preserving open space for wildlife and recreation. We work with local and state officials to encourage responsible growth that respects the valley’s rural and agricultural integrity.


SPA holds membership meetings on the third Wednesday of the month.

Please visit our events calendar for all Northern Plains and local groups (affiliates) events and meetings

About us

Stillwater Protective Association (SPA) is a grassroots conservation and family agriculture group. We educate and equip ourselves and our community to preserve our rural and agricultural quality of life while encouraging responsible growth.

To do this, we

  • Hold government agencies and industry accountable to local citizen concerns;
  • Encourage development that preserves the agricultural integrity and health of the Stillwater Valley.

Since forming in 1975, we have supported local citizens in preserving Stillwater County’s rural and agricultural quality of life.

By joining you can

  • Participate in water sampling and other activities to help us ensure we meet our responsibilities under the Good Neighbor Agreement with Stillwater Mining Company;
  • Help us identify and work on issues of concern in our community;
  • Receive reliable and timely information through newsletters, e-mail alerts, fact sheets, reports, and more;
  • Help assure the continuing success of the Good Neighbor Agreement.

Join us to advocate for clean air and water, family farms and ranches, and responsible development.


220 South 27th Street, Suite A
Billings, Montana 59101
(406) 248-1154