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McCone Agricultural Protection Organization

The Birds catch up with Lyle Quick at the 2010 Lindsay Benefit. Long-time MAPO chair Lyle Quick passed away in 2013.

The McCone Agricultural Protection Organization, or MAPO, formed in 1975 to gather information about Burlington-Northern’s plans for coal development in McCone County, and—as our name implies—to protect agriculture from the adverse impacts of unwise or poorly planned energy development.

MAPO’s purpose is to provide the agriculturists of this county an organization that will create a social and political environment in which the farmers and ranchers of this area have the power to make a substantial contribution into the vital decisions concerning their future…and…to promote agriculture as the future economic force in the development of McCone County.

Since its formation, MAPO has been very effective in influencing the important decisions that have been made concerning agriculture and energy industrialization in McCone County. Alone and through its affiliation with the Northern Plains Resource Council, MAPO has:

  • Worked to insure that BN’s Circle West Project is reviewed under Montana’s Major Facility Siting Act. MAPO and NPRC have successfully resisted BN’s attempt to push through special legislation to exempt Circle West for the Siting Act.
  • Helped to win passage of the Federal Surfacing Mining Control and Reclamation Act, especially provisions of the Act which protect alluvial valley floors and the rights of surface owners over Federally-owned coal.
  • Worked to overhaul the outmoded Federal Coal Leasing Program, and forced the Bureau of Land Management to live up to the law and allow farmers and rancher to find out what companies had plans to strip-mine their land.
  • Worked to get air quality standards for Montana which will be adequate to protect agriculture productivity from the impacts of air pollution.
  • Sponsored several forums on energy development issues, and cosponsored tours of Colstrip to increase general understanding and awareness of coal development and its effects on agriculture.
  • Kept its members and McCone County citizens informed on the proposals for energy industrialization in McCone County.
  • Worked to protect farmers from liability issues related to genetically modified organisms
  • Worked with local producers to develop a new model for on-farm biodiesel production and advocate for changes in policy that would lift over-regulation of on-farm biodiesel production
  • Fought the federal National Animal Identification system which would have over-burdened and financially penalized small ranches.
  • Supported Country of Origin Labeling and efforts to reform livestock markets to bring back competition to the markets.
  • Disseminated information to landowners along the route of the Keystone XL pipeline and testified at hearings to ensure the voice of the farm and ranch landowner is heard throughout the development of the pipeline.
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