Why does local matter, you ask?

Good Earth Market co-op is one of the sponsors of the Montana Local Food Challenge organized by Northern Plains. The Local Food Challenge ends Aug. 31 so you can still participate!

Local matters because it supports our local agricultural economy and it supports families in our own communities.

Since its origin, the Good Earth Market, 3024 2nd Avenue N., has been a place for Billings and surrounding residents to access fresh, healthy food that wasn’t available in our own community. We quickly realized that most of that fresh and healthy food was available in our own valley, but there was an obstacle: Farmers and ranchers weren’t welcome to sell at local grocery stores, and had to go through big distributors and middlemen to sell their food. These middlemen would only buy their food at below cost-of-production prices, and mark it up to sell in stores. We knew we could be different.

Local matters because it provides fresh, healthy food in the middle of an obesity epidemic.

Since local food takes less time to travel, it needs less salt or other preservatives to keep it from rotting. Freshly picked fruits and vegetables taste so good on their own that they don’t need additional sugar to be palatable. The best way to access fresh food is to buy it when it is picked from our own community, and that is what we prioritize at the Good Earth Market.

Local matters because our community matters.

The Good Earth Market is a cooperative, which means that it is owned by its members, who make up our community. We are here to support our farmers and ranchers who grow great food, to provide fresh, healthy food to Montanans and visitors alike, and to keep Billings a vibrant community.