Local Groups

Our Local Groups

Roughly half of Northern Plains Resource Council members belong to one of our 12 affiliate groups working in communities across the state. Our affiliates help advance our mission on the local level and make Montana an even better place to live, work, and raise a family. Use the map to find your local affiliate!

Affiliate Map Topographic

Serving the Gardiner area

Bear Creek Council is based in Gardiner, Montana on the edge of Yellowstone National Park. We work closely with park rangers and local citizens to conserve and protect the integrity of our environment and community.

Serving the Cooke City area

The Beartooth Alliance – based in the Cooke City area of Montana – brings people who love this region together to find ways to protect and enhance our unique mountain environment.

Serving the Bull Mountain area

The Bull Mountain Land Alliance stands up for land and people by advocating for affordable and efficient energy use, prosperous family farms and ranches, and a healthy local economy.

Serving the Carbon County area

Carbon County Resource Council is a group of concerned citizens advocating responsible use of resource and finding solutions to problems that affect our unique quality of life.

Serving the Fergus County area

Central Montana Resource Council is a community organization of concerned citizens dedicated to the sustainability of our water, land and food production for ours and future generations.

Serving the Sweet Grass County area

Cottonwood Resource Council safeguards for future generations the high quality of life we enjoy in Sweet Grass County, clean air and water, abundant wildlife, and a heritage of cooperation among neighbors.

Serving the Dawson County area

Dawson Resource Council is a grassroots organization of farmers, ranchers and concerned citizens who wish to promote, preserve and protect our land, water, air and food for future generations. DRC will work for a fair economic environment for agriculture and to preserve rural communities.

Serving the Rosebud County area
Rosebud Protective Association along with ranchers from the Bull Mountains got together to form Northern Plains in 1972 because of concerns about expanding coal development. We organize in the Colstrip and Forsyth areas on coal issues, including addressing the leaking coal ash ponds at the Colstrip power plant.

Serving the Lewis and Clark County area

Sleeping Giant Citizens Council advocates for healthy, inviting, and sustainable communities by educating, mobilizing, and testifying to ensure citizens’ voices are heard in the decision-making process. Sleeping Giant is improving local access to renewable energy options in Helena, and working to protect our clean air and clean water from carbon-intensive energy sources.

Serving the Stillwater County area

Stillwater Protective Association (SPA) is a grassroots conservation and family agriculture group. We educate and equip ourselves and our community to preserve our rural and agricultural quality of life while encouraging responsible growth.

Serving the Greater Livingston area

We are a group of citizens in and around Livingston, MT who recognize that healthy communities depend on healthy ecosystems. We believe our unique quality of life and rich natural heritage can be preserved by promoting reliance on renewable energy and minimizing adverse effects from development of fossil fuels. We hold ourselves accountable to leave vibrant and healthy natural surroundings to the generations that will follow.

Serving the Yellowstone County area

Yellowstone Valley Citizens Council advocates for a healthy, inviting, and sustainable community by: 

Educating, mobilizing, and testifying to ensure citizens voices are heard in the decision-making process, and

Formulating bold visions of a healthy and sustainable community and working cooperatively to achieve them.

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