Letter: Urge legislators to support PACE – Missoulian, April 9, 2017

It’s not often that we see bills in the legislature that help homeowners and businesses, generate jobs, and support our economy but cost nothing to the taxpayer. But Senate Bill 330 does just that, allowing property owners to invest in clean energy.

Known as Property Assessment Clean Energy (PACE), this bill will boost investment in clean and efficient energy technology through private capital using the same tried-and-true system that helps build other public infrastructure like sidewalks, roads and sewer systems. The best part is that PACE is 100 percent voluntary, so no one is forced to participate.

At a time of rapidly increasing housing costs, the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements can help make homes and businesses more affordable, but not everyone is in a position to spend the up-front capital to see these returns.

That’s why I support Senate Bill 330, which passed by the Montana Senate last week and is currently being considered by the House. The bill will allow counties and cities to partner with private lenders to create a new low-interest loan program for energy conservation and renewable energy through long-term property assessments.

Please call your legislator today and ask them to support SB 330.

Aaron Wilson,