Letter: Tell Zinke to vote no on TPP trade deal – Billings Gazette, March 5, 2016

March 9, 2016

Categories: Congress, News

The Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal is our worst nightmare that nobody is talking about.

The TPP is a deal with 40 percent of the global economy for the 1 percent to get richer, and the rest of us to fall to the bottom of the barrel.

If you want proof that the TPP was written to benefit corporate interests, just look at the negotiation process. The trade agreement was deliberated for seven years behind closed doors between the U.S. and 11 other countries, with 600 corporations in on the talks too. If that doesn’t convince you, just read the deal.

The TPP would flood the U.S. with unsafe imported products, increase medicine prices, offshore tens of thousands of American jobs, throw us into competition with low-wage countries like Vietnam, ban “buy local” policies, free banks from strict oversight, and empower corporations to attack American environmental and health safeguards. In other words, it is the Christmas list of Wall Street and major CEOs. This trade deal is less about trade and more about lining the pockets of corporations, banks and big-shot lawyers.

This deal is bad for 99 percent of Americans and bad for Montana. If you are in that 99 percent (make less than $350,000 per year) please call Rep. Zinke and urge him to vote no on the TPP.

Stuart Shay


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