Letter: Tell the governor that you support climate initiatives – Billings Gazette, Nov. 30, 2014

December 1, 2014

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Montanans have an opportunity today to make a difference when it comes to clean air and climate change. Montana and the federal government are in the process of deciding how to reduce the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change, both nationally and at the state level.

Gov. Bullock recently released a report that described several scenarios that would allow Montana to meet our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants by 21 percent. Bullock has committed to meeting this goal without closing Colstrip, by greatly improving efficiency and relying more on renewable energy. While the EPA goals and Montana scenarios are aimed at protecting our agricultural economy and our outdoor environment from extreme climate change, these reductions will also result in cleaner air, thereby reducing our public health costs. You can learn more about the several paths Montana can take at www.deq.mt.gov.

These reductions make sense. Improved efficiency can help us save money while we reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Renewable sources like wind and solar provide opportunities for small-scale projects that allow our businesses and homes to be more self-sufficient, and which create many good new jobs, while producing almost no GHGs and pollution.

I encourage Montanans to let Bullock know you support this approach to meeting our goals. It will mean big gains for Montanans: cleaner air, lower energy bills, and more Montanans in well-paid jobs that can’t be shipped overseas.

Mary Fitzpatrick

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Billings, Montana 59101
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