Letter: PACE will boost Montana economy – Billings Gazette, March 29, 2017

March 29, 2017

Categories: Clean Energy, Legislature

It’s hard to get a good idea across the finish line in politics, and it takes a lot of effort and attention. Today, we have the opportunity to bring a new financing tool to Montana that would help you save money by investing in the energy efficiency of your building and reducing your utility bills. The program is called Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE). If the Montana Legislature passes SB330, sponsored by Sen. Chas Vincent, R-Libby, the PACE program would be optional for local governments and voluntary for property owners in participating municipalities.

We’ve all had a hard winter with expensive utility bills and need solutions. When legislators pass PACE, they will be saying “yes” to opportunities for energy independence and financial security, “yes” to bringing private investment into our small towns and cities, and “yes” to good-paying jobs for working people in communities across the state.

Though the PACE Act had bipartisan support, and this proven tool has been enabled in 33 other states, the Senate Energy Committee tabled the bill last week because of the tall tales of lobbyists for the bankers and treasurers.

Mary Fitzpatrick


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