Letter: Montana lacks rules on radioactive waste – Billings Gazette, July 30, 2017

July 31, 2017

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Bear Creek Council in Gardiner supports the citizens of Glendive and all of Eastern Montana in creating laws to protect lives and the environment regarding the rampant dumping of radioactive oil waste near their communities.

Right now, the state of Montana has yet to create rules for permitting radioactive oil waste, and new dump sites are popping up all over Eastern Montana.

Radioactive oil waste, when buried, continues to be active for hundreds of years. These dumps contain more than just radioactive oil waste. They also have dangerous diesel range organics and other damaging components that are hazardous to human health.

There are no laws on the books to protect lives, plants, animals, land or water, in case of exposure. Exposure will affect many generations to come, not to mention those who are living with it now. Exposure to the plants and animals that we eat, the land where we live and the water we drink will have devastating consequences to all of Montana.

Laws are needed to protect the quality of life of so many in this state, and their concerns are being ignored. You can email your comments and concerns to DEQ at deqwutmbrules@mt.govspeakup.

Debbie Shepherd
Bear Creek Council


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