Letter: Hydroelectric project would be a huge mistake – Billings Gazette, May 24, 2013

May 28, 2013

Categories: Clean Water, Letters


After years of traveling the world for work, I have to say that the East Rosebud Creek canyon and drainage is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Only flying over the Himalayas in winter or Interlaken in the Swiss Alps compares to this pristine area.

What I cannot comprehend is the proposed East Rosebud Hydroelectric Project by Hydrodynamics, Inc. of Bozeman. Any hydroelectric plant would disrupt this natural environment and would ruin the fishery. In addition, there has been talk of Wild and Scenic designation for the canyon and creek, but any hydroelectric plant would put an end to that. It just makes no sense how anyone can think that a 150-cubic-feet-per-second diversion on this small creek could generate a worthwhile amount of electricity. Not to mention, the six to eight months during the year when the water flow is so low and/or frozen that no electricity would be generated.

To completely ruin the tranquility and recreational advantages of this pristine canyon with the hum of a turbine, new road(s) and traffic, water pollution and the disruption of the creek’s natural ecosystem is not ethical.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission needs to quit granting extensions of required progress reports. Every six months over the last three years allowing an extension of 30 days for Hydrodynamics, Inc., to get these reports in is ridiculous. Either withdraw the project proposal, or the FERC should just deny any further preliminary permits on such an inane project.

Samuel Peck
Erie, Colo.

220 South 27th Street, Suite A
Billings, Montana 59101
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