Letter: Four reasons to oppose Keystone XL – Missoulian, July 16, 2017

The Keystone XL Pipeline would transport tar sands oil 1,900 miles from Alberta, through Montana to Texas. I oppose it because:

  1. High potential to contaminate our drinking water. KXL would cross both of Montana’s major rivers: the Missouri and the Yellowstone. Two massive spills on Yellowstone River have happened since KXL was proposed. The pipeline threatens clean water supplies for 30,000 northeastern Montana residents. KXL does not have an emergency response plan.
  2. Creates few jobs. Nearly all proposed KXL pipeline jobs are temporary. The KXL pipeline would create 3,900 short-term construction jobs maximum (U.S. State Department). Long-term operation would provide only 35 permanent jobs. Pipelines are simple to maintain once built.
  3. Damaging to our air and our world. Processed into gasoline, Canadian oil sands emit 18 percent more greenhouse gases than U.S. crude (U.S. Dept of Energy). Diesel fuel from oil sands emits 21 percent more greenhouse gases.
  4. We have better options. Made in USA processed crude oil is cleaner. Safer oil transportation options are available. Clean energy alternatives are the future.

We don’t need Canada’s dirty tar sands oil. The risk to our water is too high.

Laurie Lohrer,