Letter: Don’t blame EPA for PPL needing to clean up plant – Billings Gazette, Oct. 10, 2012

October 16, 2012

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The announced mothballing of the Corette plant raises more questions than answers. The first one should be: why are we surprised that a plant which was built to last 30-40 years may be closed at the age of 44 years? What kind of investment has PPL made in maintaining it into the future? Anything mechanical — whether it’s a car or a power plant — is going to require some substantial investments in order to keep operating into its 50th birthday!

And if those investments include cleaning up the pollution that bedevils our community, particularly our citizens who struggle with asthma on a daily basis, what is wrong with that? Yellowstone Valley oil refinery investments in pollution controls have kept good union jobs going here for much of the last decade!

Please do not blame the EPA if 20 years after the Clean Air Act amendments were passed by Congress, some utilities act as if it is news to them that at some point they would be held accountable for cleaning up their act.

Eileen Morris

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