Letter: Daines wrong to oppose Stream Protection Rule – Billings Gazette, March 9, 2017

March 9, 2017

Categories: Agriculture, Clean Water, Congress

I am grateful to Sen. Tester for his recent vote in favor of the Stream Protection Rule, a law that protects clean water in our nation and has profound implications for Montana’s farming, ranching and recreational industries. Without this protection in place, Montana’s waterways are rendered defenseless against pollution discharges that bring insidious and ubiquitous harm to them.

I grew up on a family farm in Montana, a farm that remains in our family today. We enjoyed, and still enjoy, the privilege of having ready access to clean water for consumption, irrigation and recreation. Tester had the courage and conviction to support the Stream Protection Rule in the Senate, proving again that he is a friend to agriculture and that he has all Montanans’ best interests at heart.

Unfortunately, Sen. Daines, by way of the questionable Congressional Review Act, chose to align himself with the polluters, abandoning the safety, health and employment opportunities of future generations of Montanans. As Daines has no doubt visited small family farms across Montana, I wonder if he has paid attention to those whose ancestors worked there, whose children and grandchildren hope to continue working the land with unpolluted waters and healthy families? I wonder who Daines is referring to when he says that he represents all Montanans?

Peggy Barta



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