Letter: Collective sigh of relief rises from East Rosebud – Billings Gazette, July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013

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A collective sigh of relief and joy has risen from those of us concerned by the possibility of hydroelectric dams being built on our treasured East and West Rosebuds creeks. After over three years of intense efforts to combat these ill proposed projects, the developer, Roger Kirk of Hydrodynamics Inc., has decided not to proceed and the permit applications have expired.

We deeply thank the residents, recreationists, neighbors, businesses and ally organizations that joined with us in trying to ensure this best of all outcomes.

As supporters of clean, renewable energy, the Stillwater Protective Association recognizes and supports hydroelectric projects in the right application. We are thankful and appreciative of Kirk for not renewing the permits and for the opportunity he provided us to visit one of his irrigation ditch hydroelectric projects. We saw, first hand, the benefits to consumers as well as to ranchers and farmers who might want an opportunity to responsibly develop their property while earning additional income.

Going forward, we urge all hydroelectric developers to locate their projects on appropriate water ways. And, along with Kirk and his colleagues, we urge the Public Service Commission to reject any restrictive changes to the current rules providing for small renewable energy project developers contracting with public utilities to sell their power.

Lana Sangmeister
Stillwater Protective Association


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