Letter: Building Keystone XL would be like digging our graves

May 12, 2014

Categories: Clean Water, Congress, Oil and gas, Plains Speaking

Keystone XL graphic - Oil Change IntlTim Crawford is a Northern Plains member from Belgrade, MT — OK, the XL Pipeline will provide some jobs, even if not as many as its promoters have said, nevertheless real jobs in both the short and long term.

I have a bit of trouble with giving a man a job by providing him with a shovel with which to dig his own and our collective grave. If you have trouble with this concept, may I suggest that you haven’t paid attention to the vast amount of scientific evidence that the cumulative effect of our current use of fossil fuels will doom the earth to irreparable climate temperature increases without the addition of ever increasing amounts of the dirtiest crude oil as yet found.

This Canadian tar sands oil is not only extremely foul in its transported form, but also the most energy intensive to extract from its strip-mined sands. This delivers a double whammy to the atmosphere.

If you are unaware of this, you probably have a serious level of self-assumed ignorance or have been living with fossil fuel energy executives and their political toadies on a yacht on a river in Egypt.

Billings Gazette
May 11, 2014


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