Letter on LR 126: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – Billings Gazette, Sept. 30, 2014

September 30, 2014

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In this upcoming election, there will be an issue on the ballot that strikes to the heart of our democracy — our constitutional right to vote. Believe it or not, this right appears more times in our Constitution than any other. Four amendments deal with the issue of voting.

As Americans, we like to think we have the greatest democracy on earth. If that is so, then why are we trying so hard to hinder those rights from others? LR 126 does just that.

We need to vote “no” on LR 126. This proposed law is a disguise promoted by some to fix something not broken. Its passage would for sure undermine this nation’s greatest freedom by disenfranchising so many within our state. People such as veterans, seniors and thousands of other eligible voters who have a hard time registering to vote would be harmed by you voting yes on LR 126. It unnecessarily does so by simply restricting the dates and times of those trying to register. I firmly believe we should be making it easier in registering voters and easier to vote, not harder.

lf you thought our current voting system was working well, why do we need to fix it? That should give you pause as to the rationale behind LR 126. This is a slick way to have us, the people, deny us our own rights. If we do, we may never get them back. Vote no on LR 126.

Clinton Nagel


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Billings, Montana 59101
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