Keystone XL comments needed now!

Keystone XL: Major Montana permit decisions being surreptitiously swept into Nebraska analysis

Note: the United States Department of State is conducting an official comment period through November 8, 2018. Your comment is an important part of this process.

The following bullet points will give you some background information that may help you in submitting a comment by November 8. For an in-depth analysis, you can also download this PDF.

Key Concerns

  • This Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, while triggered by the new route in Nebraska, is NOT just about Nebraska – it has very real consequences for the people and the waterways of Montana.
  • The State Dept. is basing decisions on two studies commissioned by TransCanada.
  • Keystone XL will cross the Missouri River in Montana, and TransCanada is downplaying the threat of scouring causing spill at the crossing, which is just downstream from the Fort Peck dam and spillway.
  • TransCanada falsely claims that a spill at the Missouri river crossing would only have effects for 40 miles downstream.
  • The State Dept. has made unrealistic assumptions of how quickly response teams could be deployed into remote areas in the event of a spill.
  • Risk to the Assiniboine and Sioux Rural Water Supply System, which supplies drinking water to about a quarter of the people in in northeastern Montana on the Ft Peck reservation and beyond, is ignored.


Again, please feel free to view or download this PDF for an in-depth analysis. Your official comment is an important part of this process. Please take the time comment before November 8. THANK YOU!

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