Keep Bakken-Style Boom Out Of The Beartooths – Billings Gazette 11/10/2013

December 6, 2013

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November 10, 2013 12:00 am

I read with alarm and dismay the recent Billings Gazette article concerning Energy Corporation of America’s proposal to develop oil reserves in the Beartooth front through the fracking process.

Do we really want to see the type of increase in strip joints, drug use, prostitution, gambling and general violent crime that has accompanied the development in the Bakken? Finally, who’s going to pay for the damage to the infrastructure of the communities involved? The impact on the roads, bridges and streets of the area will be significant. Essential services such as sewer and water systems can easily be overwhelmed, not to mention law enforcement and schools which will be similarly impacted.

Based on past experience these companies simply cannot be expected to help mitigate the damage. Then, as is the case in the Bakken, the impacted communities will be lining up pleading their case to the state and federal governments for the funding they need to maintain even basic services. Guess who will get to foot the bill for that?

Really, the only tangible benefit of fracking in the Beartooth front will be to the small minority who will directly reap the obscene profits of this environmentally and socially disastrous development and if you think they care one iota about your welfare, then I fear you are sadly mistaken. I urge all citizens of Montana and all who consider the Beartooth region to be the national treasure that it is, to do all you can to resist such irresponsible and damaging development. There are lines that have to be drawn in our nation’s insatiable thirst for cheap energy. Fracking in the Beartooths is one line that cannot be crossed.

Gerald R. Kessler


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