Press Release: Federal judge denies pre-construction work on Keystone XL pipeline


Great Falls, MT – U.S. District Judge Brian Morris ruled today that TransCanada is prohibited from field activities related to the construction of their proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

Today’s Supplemental Order clarifies the court’s November 8 decision which found that the Trump Administration failed to comply with environmental laws in issuing a permit for the controversial tar sands pipeline. That ruling requires that a new Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement be conducted and placed an immediate injunction (prohibition) on further construction activities related to the pipeline.

The decision today found that the Canadian company can conduct planning activities necessary to comply with the mandated environmental review, but requests for physical construction actions were denied.

“Implicit in the original injunction by Judge Morris is the notion that TransCanada’s KXL pipeline has not proven to be safe or beneficial to the United States. We find it hard to imagine a scenario whereby piping these dangerous tar sands, which simply uses the U.S. as a pass-through to the global market, accomplishes that goal,” said Dena Hoff, a Glendive-area farmer and member of Northern Plains Resource Council.

“If TransCanada wants to continue drafting paperwork in an attempt to prove what they haven’t been able to thus far, that is their business,” continued Hoff. “What they cannot do is continue efforts toward construction such as building ‘man camps’ or pipe yards until an adequate and thorough supplemental Environmental Impact Statement has been conducted and approved. We are glad to see that today’s ruling keeps that prohibition intact.”