Climate Change

Together, we can build healthy and prosperous Montana communities by taking action on climate change.

We are identifying the problems

We are identifying the problems

Climate change is causing real issues for Montanans, our environment, and our economic stability:

  • Wildfire season is 2½ months longer than it was in the 1980’s.
    • All 3 of our state’s worst fire seasons have occurred since 2006.
  • A report from MT Farmers Union predicts major economic impacts by 2055.
    • 20 percent decrease in rangeland cattle production.
    • 25 percent decrease in grain production.
    • Loss of 12,000 jobs and $372 million in earnings
      • In 2017 Over 60% of our state’s wheat crop was rated poor to very poor in July due to “exceptional” drought in 19 Eastern Montana Counties and reservations. Usually, this number is about 5%.
    • Wildfire smoke provokes respiratory and cardiac issues, causes headaches and nausea.
    • West Nile virus has moved in to our state.
We are creating the solutions

We are creating the solutions

  • We’re fighting for strong federal rules regulating methane emissions and pollution.
  • We are promoting clean energy policies here in Montana that make it easier for individuals and businesses to use energy efficiency and clean energy upgrades.
  • We recently stopped the development of the Otter Creek mine, which would have been the largest new proposed coal mine in the country, which kept well over 2.5 BILLION tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere
  • We held a canvass to talk with Billings residents about their concerns and beliefs about climate change

We are taking action

Here’s what we as Montanans need to do to take action on climate change:

  • Speak up when politicians ignore the impacts of climate change.
  • Remove arbitrary policy barriers that obstruct renewable energy.
  • End the taxpayer subsidies for the fossil fuel industry.
  • Show our confidence in America’s ability to innovate.
  • Stand up for justice and demand action.
  • Support initiatives to make energy-efficient upgrades to buildings more affordable and accessible. Click here to sign our letter in support of Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE), a financing tool that allow commercial building owners to upgrade their buildings with no upfront cost.

By taking action on Climate Change, we can protect what we love about Montana. You can take a huge step by joining us in this fight for our present and our children’s future. Become a member of Northern Plains today and contact Sydney at to find out how you can be a part of the movement.