Climate Change

Montanans are seeing the effects of climate change firsthand as our state turns into a tinderbox:

  • Wildfire season in MT is 2 1/2 months longer than it was in 1990
  • Fires have cost Montana over $60 million already this year (not counting health impacts from smoke and the loss of cattle.)
  • 19 Counties in Eastern MT were in emergency drought conditions by June this year. 
  • Farmers and Ranchers are struggling – 50% of their wheat crop this year has been declared poor to very poor.


Through Renewable energy, American ingenuity, and Montanans working together, we can turn the tides:

  • Wind from Judith Gap is the cheapest power that Northwestern Energy supplies us with.
  • Solar power is increasingly accessible for individuals through innovative financing tools and for communities through innovative co-op projects.
  • New building techniques and materials make our homes and public buildings use less energy


We can build a healthier, more secure future by leading the world in clean energy, and create jobs while doing it.


Be part of the Montana solution – Join us!


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