Northern Plains History Project

Our history tells us that when we stand together to protect our land and communities, we make Montana a better place.

Click below to download and read a written narrative of Northern Plains history, “Standing Together: Protecting Air, Land, Water, and People Part 1”:

Watch Standing Together: Protecting Land, Air, Water, and People – the origin story of Northern Plains:

Alternatively, you may watch Water is for Fighting, a condensed retelling of our origin story with a focus on our work to protect one of the most precious resources in the west – water. 

Watch this series of 1-2 minute videos covering some of the key issues that helped form Northern Plains into the organization it is today. Learn what “Our History Tells Us” about protecting our land, air, water and people:

Over the coming weeks and months, the Northern Plains History Project will be adding the following: 

  • A bound anthology that includes a collection of original documents, drawings, photos, cartoons, and writing that help portray the rich and varied history of Northern Plains
  • A curated selection of iconic Northern Plains photographs from the past 50 years