Press release: Group welcomes new rules to capture wasted methane gas – November 15, 2016

By Northern Plains Resource Council

Today, the Obama Administration issued final standards to reduce flaring and venting associated with oil and gas development on federal and tribal lands. Northern Plains Resource Council has been pushing the Bureau of Land Management to address flaring and venting since 2012.

The BLM’s rules will require oil and gas companies to limit the amount of methane they flare, vent or leak into the atmosphere on federal or tribal land, and on private land where the BLM holds mineral rights. The BLM has estimated that enough gas is wasted each year to power 5 million homes.

Susann Beug

Susann Beug

Susann Beug, a member of the Northern Plains Resource Council’s Oil and Gas Task Force, welcomed the Obama Administration’s new rules on methane gas.

Saving $330 million a year

“The move will help capture the loss of a natural resource which has value,” she said. “The rule will end the estimated waste of $330 million each year of natural gas that is owned by the American public. This rule will cause oil and gas companies to start using available technology instead of wasting taxpayers’ money.

“If President-elect Trump rescinds the rule, we at Northern Plains Resource Council will work all the harder to keep some sort of rules that will put a halt to this terrible waste of resources and a gas that is a major cause of climate change.”

Northern Plains is a conservation and family agriculture group that organizes citizens to protect Montana’s water, family farms and ranches, and promotes homegrown prosperity.

Improved air quality

Linda Weiss, Chair of WORC’s Oil & Gas Campaign Team from western North Dakota, released the following statement on behalf of WORC:

“WORC applauds the Obama Administration for completing the BLM methane waste standards. These standards will help end the unnecessary waste of more than $330 million of natural gas each year from federal and tribal minerals by the oil and gas industry. The benefits of this rule include the generation of additional royalty and tax income and also an improvement of air quality for people living near federal tribal oil and gas development by reducing methane pollution that contain toxic and smog causing volatile organic compounds. The finalization of this rule represents an acknowledgement by the BLM and the Obama Administration that methane waste must be cut throughout the West and the nation at large.”

WORC is a seven-state network of local and state community organizations working for responsible energy policies, family farms and ranches and homegrown prosperity.

BLM press release: