Support Our Right to Know About Fracking Chemicals

You can help ensure our right to know about fracking chemicals!

We’ve been asking the state of Montana for years to defend our right to know about fracking chemicals. Finally, the Montana Board of Oil & Gas Conservation (BOGC) has released draft rules to improve and strengthen fracking chemical disclosure.

This is a big win! But the rules still fall short in a big way.

How do they fall short? Right now, companies only have to disclose what chemicals they plan to use 48 hours in advance of fracking. If you’re a landowner facing fracking on your place, that doesn’t give you nearly enough time to get your water tested in advance of drilling. Testing for the specific chemicals being used is a landowner’s only defense if those chemicals later start showing up in drinking water or stock water.  Northern Plains is pushing to require companies to disclose their chemicals 45 days before fracking. In lieu of that, companies should provide and pay for baseline water testing before they drill.At the end of the day, having access to information about fracking chemicals—information that can affect our health, our livelihoods, and the viability of our land and water—is core to our rights as Montanans.

Can you take a moment to help defend and strengthen these rights?

Please take a few minutes to write a comment. We’ll collect and submit them to the BOGC by the 5 PM deadline on September 24!

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